Amazon Reviving Randal Park Mall Location

I have mentioned this before, but I was born in Scotland and came to live in the USA in the early 1980's. My American wife and I originally lived in Cleveland, Ohio, and we actually still live in the Buckeye State.

One of the early outings we had when I first arrived was to Randall Park Mall in Cleveland; it was close to where we lived at that time, and as it was billed as the largest indoor shopping mall in the world when it was built (and still was at that time, if I recall), it seemed like a cool place to visit.

It was pretty eye-opening for a twenty-something Scot from a seaside town of about 50,000 people. Randall Park Mall unfortunately went through a drastic decline over the years, and has been a bit of a blight on the area for some time - until Amazon announced they are going to inhabit a new warehouse facility on that same spot, and employing some 2,000 workers there.

Nice to hear something positive along those lines for a change. You can see a video of the glory days and decline of Randal Park below.

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