Buying A Used Laptop

A decent laptop computer can be pretty expensive, although I have had good luck purchasing used or refurbished equipment from my local big box computer store and also online.

You might be able to save a little more by purchasing from an individual, but generally speaking the "risk" goes up when you do so. Pawn shop prices for computers in general tend to be pretty high, just so you are aware.

While most folks are honest enough, there are always those who will try to sell you something that does not work properly, or worse, that was stolen. Of course, they may also be offering something in good faith that happens to break after you get it.

If you still feel you might be able arrive a good bargain by purchasing from an individual, first figure out what you need the laptop for and how much you can comfortably spend.

It may be that if only need the basics, an inexpensive tablet computer might suffice. Or, you might settle for a $200-300 (bargain specification) new laptop computer, or perhaps a lower-end Chromebook.

A potentially good source for used computer equipment in general would be local schools and colleges, as they periodically "refresh" old equipment. You might get a 4 or 5 year old MacBook for a couple of hundred bucks - do a web search for your area and see.

Otherwise, take a look at the short video below. It's older, but still pertinent - and includes a few things to check that I had not thought of!

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