Grandpa Tech

My wife and I have been blessed with a grandson. I mentioned this briefly a week or so ago, and I am still rather bemused by the concept. I think it will become "more real" to me when I get to see the little guy at his home, out side of the hospital setting. Not to worry, I will not turn this blog into a shrine to our latest love - that's what Facebook is for...

Since we live a couple of hours away and since our daughter and son-in-law are still settling in themselves to the concept of their first child, it takes a little bit of planning to visit appropriately without coming across as big buttinski's.

The wonderful thing is that technology allows us to quickly view almost unlimited photos and videos of the wee fella, and we have gotten to see the first outside stroller action, several photos and videos with his eyes open, and a bout of hiccups. 

Every view is a treasure of course, and "she-who-must-be-obeyed" (Mrs. Oldgoat) is trying hard to wear out those video files. It at least keeps us satieted until we can visit again.

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