Smartphone Deal For Old Goats From T-Mobile

T-Mobile is launching a smartphone deal for older users (over 55's - essentially Baby Boomers) that saves over their "regular" plan for the rest of their users. They reason that older users tend to be a bit more mindful of the monthly costs incurred (with retirement and a fixed income possibly looming), and will probably not use as much data as younger users anyway.
The T-Mobile plan allows for unlimited voice calls, texting and data use, albeit with some restrictions.
They'll be able to pay $50 for one line or $60 for two lines. That compares with $70 for one line and between $100 and $120 for two lines for customer under 55.
This Old Goat currently pays $30/month to Boost Mobile for unlimited calls and texts and 2.5GB of data (of which I rarely use more than around 800MB).



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