Am I A Tech Luddite?

I work in computer technology and I am a baby boomer; while I hate to validate a stereotype, I tend to not be receptive to having a bunch of technical doodads in my life. The main reason is not so much that I reject change or new things, it's more the factor of cost and perhaps just usefulness - there are quite a few "modern" gadgets I just don't see a need for.

Now, I do have a smartphone - although that really just happened within the last 3 years; I had a series of little flip phones before that. We do have computers and such around the house, but most are either several years old, or home built, or both.

We also have a couple of flat screen TVs - again older, "non-smart" models. My wife has some pretty specific things she wants from a radio so she has a couple in Internet radios around the home, and an HD radio in her car.

One of the more dramatic "technology" things we did in the last year or so was to "cut the cord" - no landline phone, no cable TV, just an Internet connection and a Roku. I have to say, we miss very little having done that and have saved quite a bit of money. 

Along with that, we have tried to go to "non-contract" or "month-by-month" for everything we can - Internet and phones. Personally, I much prefer that to locked-in contracts.

On the flip side, I heartily reject any kind of "Internet of Things" type devices; to my mind the manufacturers seem to currently have little or no regard for security, and until something really horrible happens, I think that will remain the status quo.

It's not even mainly a privacy concern anymore - any lingering notion of actual privacy on the Internet should be dismissed by all of us - it's the specter of someone hacking into your "connected" device and doing actual harm. 

Imagine coming home one day and find your pet suffering from heat stoke (or worse) because some 13-year-old hacked into your Internet of Things home thermostat and cranked up the heat on a 90 degree day.

Setting that aside, I really don't see a need for things like Google Home or Amazon Echo. Cool things to show off to your friends at parties, but I don't see the big benefit for everyday use, even putting aside privacy concerns.

Maybe I am not a tech Luddite after all, just a good old-fashioned cheapskate.

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