Be Prepared! Irma's Hard Lessons

With Hurricane Irma fast approaching mainland USA as I write this, it's unfortunately a good time to bring up the subject of preparedness. I am not a so-called "prepper" in the popular understanding of the term, but Mrs Old Goat and I do have a reasonable amount of "stuff" to tide us over for a few days, should the need arise; canned food, water, lamps, batteries, an emergency kit and so on. 

Iris from Space - courtesy NASA
The main lesson I think we can take away from recent weather events is perhaps how quickly things go bad; people start to panic buy water and gas and supplies very quickly run out. It's also important to realize your don't have to be living in Florida to be surprised by high water, or damaging winds, or by power outages lasting several days.

As a basic goal, you would probably want to have at least 3 days worth of food and water, and some means of heating any food that needs to be (a small camping stove, for example). We are fortunate enough to have some basement space, but any closet or pantry space can be useful - be mindful of temperature extremes when storing items in the garage, if you have one.

There are MANY sites devoted to this kind of thing, and while some can get DEEP into the weeds, many offer prudent advice for those of us not familiar with the practicalities of food storage. Some links below - and take this current emergency as a small prod to get prepared.

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