The Whole Android vs iPhone Thing

So, currently the market share of Android vs Apple smartphones is around 2/3 to 1/3 in favor of Android. The original iPhone, introduced us around 10 years ago to the modern smartphone concept of a portable computer that also happened to be a phone, and utilizing a touch-based user interface and operating system.

I currently have an inexpensive Android phone (above) though Boost mobile (the ZTE Warp Elite), and it actually does everything I need quite ably.  My only "complaint" would be the extra apps and "features" that Boost puts on the phone. Indeed, most Android phone makers and service providers do that, as a "value add" - the same kind of stuff Windows PC makers indulge in when you buy a PC from Dell or HP, for example.

While I could buy a "pure" Android phone such as a Google Pixel, they are typically more expensive than I am comfortable with (I am a grumpy, canny old Scot, remember), so I put up with the extra stuff I never use (which is also well-nigh impossible to remove, by the way).

The Apple experience is quite a bit different; Apple makes the hardware and the software, you pay a premium price and get a very nice, clean product. Little fluff, and a well-integrated system. I have an iPhone 6S at work, and I like using it well enough. The "phone" part is noticeably better than my cheaper Android phone - oddly enough, the early iPhones were not terribly good phones.

For those of your curious as to the other differences between Android and Apple smartphones, take a look here.

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