A Gentle Warning To iOS Users

Apple's iOS operating system powers it's iPhones, iPods and iPads, and the latest release is version 11. This version is installable on iPhone 5S or later, and if you look at the current version, it is actually version 11.0.3 - and that's the problem.

This is now the fourth release of iOS 11 in a few weeks (first iOS 11, then 11.0.1, etc). For the last few years, Apple seems to have been falling into a pattern of (apparently) offering major updates to iOS that are not quite ready for primetime. They have been following up with incremental patches to fix various issues that surfaced after the fact.

Now, of course, a modern operating system of any kind has many moving parts and it's not unusual for Google and Microsoft to also quickly scramble to fix issues that come up.

The difference with Apple is that they make the hardware (or at least strictly control it), whereas Google and Microsoft cater to various manufacturers of Android and Windows products - in a sense, it's slightly more understandable when they screw up.

Apple needs to be cautious here; their reputation is still very good as a maker of quality consumer computer products, but that goodwill should not be frittered away by shoving out sketchy OS updates and applying band-aids after the fact. That's a bad habit to fall into.

My personal admonition to iOS users would be - unless an iOS release is addressing a critical security issue - I would hold off on installing new releases until the dust settles a bit. 

Is 11.0.3 okay to install? Not sure yet, it's only been out a couple of days and of course one always hears one or two scare stories floating around. I'd keep checking sites like CNET and so on if you are any doubt.

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