Anti-Bird Lasers

Take it easy, it's not what you might think at first. Farmers are not using frikkin' laser beams to fricassee hungry birds in mid flight. However, the lasers do scare the birds away without harming them, and without setting off loud noises or other tactics sometimes employed to help keep crops unmolested.

Specifically, a blueberry farm in Orgeon is using an automated laser device to create moving patterns that startle the birds, and the laser is designed not to be a hazard to nearby motorists or aircraft overhead.
Meduri Farms installed a system called the Agrilaser Autonomic made by the Dutch Bird Control Group. Six of the solar-powered systems were mounted on the periphery of the farm, cordoning off the blueberry crop.
The autonomous base keeps the lasers moving in a variety of patterns. Crucially, birds don't become habituated to the green dots, meaning there's no loss of effectiveness.

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