You Might Be A Cryptocurrency Miner If...

Unlikely as it may sound, you may be mining cryptocurrency without knowing it while visiting certain web sites. Unfortunately, all kinds of nasty things can "jump" from a "bad" website to your computer, and this is but a recent example.

First of all, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin can be created ("mined") using computer power to perform the needed calculations. If a website owner can surreptitiously and temporarily hijack your computer while you visit - hey, some free money!
Adguard estimated that each website running a crypto-mining script earned about $43,000 within the examined three-week period. While they have not made millions, Meshkov said, “this money has been made in three weeks at almost zero cost.”
This is not a common occurrence, but it's hardly trivial as some 500 million users are thought to be caught up in this sort of thing - and there are over 200 websites known to host this kind of malware at this time.

The best way to avoid this sort of attack is to a) not visit the sites in question - mostly sketchy streaming TV and file sharing sites - or b) use some kind of script blocker or filter with your web browser, such as "NoScript", or similar.

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