FotoSketcher - It Sketches Your Photos!

I don't mention specific software very often here, as it tends to be such a debatable, subjective thing. However, this app is free and produces great results. To be sure, you can find this sort of feature at several online photo editing sites like Pixlr.com or Befunky.com

However, I feel that FotoSketcher has enough options and variations, and produces interesting enough results to be worth mentioning. The basic function of a product like this is to manipulate digital photos you already have - to produce faux pencil sketches, watercolors, oil paintings, etc.

I still maintain that some images (not all!) can produce very pleasing results when manipulated in this was (take a look at the gallery here, if you doubt me). 

The program is available free, no sign-ups, toolbars or other nonsense during install that I could find. It's a Windows program, but there is an experimental Mac version, and it does appear to work well (so far) using Wine in recent versions of Linux.

Quick "watercolor" of our daughter's Yorkie, Bella

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