Kevin Spacey Becoming An Invisible Man

Kevin Spacey, the famous stage and screen actor is now being smothered by some pretty sordid allegations regarding predatory sexual behavior. What is remarkable is that not only is he being shunned by the public and his peers, but that he is actively being "erased" before our eyes.

His is being dropped from the very popular "House of Cards" (the UK import remade by Netflix), and perhaps even more strikingly he is now being removed from the upcoming movie "All The Money In The World", to be replaced by Christopher Plummer.

It should be noted that the movie had finished shooting and is still apparently scheduled for a December 22 opening. Spacey had worked for a couple of weeks on a relatively small role, and any footage of him is now being edited out and Mr Plummers' characterization is being inserted instead.

I'm not sure something quite like this has been done before, especially not after the movie was finished.

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