Micro LED TVs

Well, this could be the next advance in TV technology. When you hear the term "LED display" one might think of an image that is made up of small LEDS; actually, the LED part usually refers to the way the screen is screen is backlit (lit from behind).

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are effectively used in electronics as small solid state lamps. To make LEDs small enough to represent actual image pixels in a consumer sized TV is pretty hard - those are going to be some tiny LEDs.

Samsung looks to be showing off a large LED TV at CES 2018.
To be considered a Micro LED, each pixel must be less than 100 micrometers. Producing extremely small LEDs is a manufacturing challenge that seems to be the greatest roadblock preventing a marketable product. Once the tiny diodes can be produced, applying them to a plastic backing will allow for thin, light, and pliable displays.
How big is 100 micrometers (microns)? About the diameter of a human hair. See below for comparison (not to scale, but shows relative size).

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