Weekly Round-Up - Nov 10

Hey kids! I have gotten into the habit of coming up with a list of interesting links on a more-or-less weekly basis and posting them on this little corner of the web.

I try to mix it up between informative, funny, ridiculous, etc. and so I hope many of you will at least enjoy a couple of these.

A.I. bot fights scammers by trolling them, wasting their time

Waymo's self-driving cars on public streets - with no driver

Sheep with cameras and Google Street View

Drug overdose deaths rise by 21% in 2016

A wall of lava lamps securing the Internet (video)

The price of a latte around the world

Is there a way to see who has viewed your Facebook profile?

How to vet a Veteran's charity

Here's what happens when you install the top apps

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