Apple's iPhone Slowdown Goof

I don't know who thought this might be a good idea, but Apple has admitted that they have added a "feature" to more recent versions of their iOS operating system that can effectively slow down older iPhones. 

It's not that the newer software is more complex and demanding for older hardware (like trying to run Windows 10 on a PC designed for Windows XP) - Apple is throttling the clock speed of the processor, physically slowing it down. Why?

The stated reason Apple issued (after being slapped with a couple of lawsuits) refers to the performance of older lithium ion batteries under stress, and that the forced slowdowns during peak usage will help avoid unexpected shutdowns of the devices.

While that may be true enough in a purely technical sense, it seems awfully heavy-handed to do this on the quiet and only 'fess up to it after being "caught". I mean, it *looks* like Apple is trying to get folks to upgrade their old, slow phone.

One now wonders if other smartphone manufacturers are doing anything similar with software upgrades for their older products?

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