Doctor Who - Dude Looks Like A Lady

The thirteenth Doctor is a woman (or at least a Time Lord that appears to be a human female). Of course, within the construct of the show there is no real reason why the the Doctor should not be a female (although probably still humanoid - the show does not have that kind of budget).

In real life, it seems to be time for the main character to evolve; the long running BBC TV show already introduced an openly gay companion in Bill, and we already have seen companions of color (and gingers!).

If you are not aware, the Doctor (the show is "Doctor Who", the character is "The Doctor") can avoid death in a sense by "regenerating" from time to time - a different actor takes over, and the show continues - usually showing different aspects of the Doctors' personality with the new actor (curmudgeonly, wise, silly, mysterious, etc).

This time the actor is Jody Whittaker, who supercedes Peter Capaldi - the noisier-than-usual regeneration scene is show below.

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