Give Your Eyes A Break, With f.lux

Staring at a computer monitor for several hours a day - as many of us do - can be a bit tiring for the old peepers. One way to help alleviate some of that fatigue may be to use something like f.lux - a free application that unobtrusively changes the color "temperature" of your monitor during the day.

The idea is that making the monitor appear "warmer" (less bluish and stark) in the evenings makes it easier on the eyes. Think of yourself sitting in ambient light that is generally white/orange (unless you only light you home with curly bulbs - ugh). Looking at a stark, bluish display would be less comfortable that looking at as display that is closer to the surrounding environment.

The app is free, works in Windows 10, 8 and 7 and works quietly and can readily be overridden, if for example you happen to be working with image software or something where you actually need the monitor to display "true" colors.


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