Weekly Round-Up - Dec 15

I have gotten into the habit of coming up with a list of interesting links on a more-or-less weekly basis and posting them on this little corner of the web.

My goal is to try to mix it up between informative, funny, ridiculous, etc. and so I hope many of you will at least enjoy a couple of these...

Netflix is watching you. We're all watching you

"Jingle Bells" rooted in rascism, Boston U. Professor says

Feds look to cash in seized Bitcoins

High-speed internet with frikkin' lasers

Google maps now tells you when to get off the bus

Trio admits to highjacking home devices

What is Windows 10 Signature Edition?

HP's second laptop keylogger in less than a year

Why don't we have a Star Wars "hyperdrive" yet?

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