MoviePass For Movie Fans

MoviePass is a movie going subscription service that allows you to purchase one movie ticket each day for a monthly fee (currently around $10). The way it works is somewhat novel, relying on today's smartphone technology.

Essentially, you are issued a MoviePass debit card which you take with you to the movie theater. Once you are physically at the theater, you can select which movie you want to see and the debit card is "charged up" there and then with the amount needed to purchase your ticket for that show.

You can't order tickets online or otherwise pre-purchase with the system at present, everything happens when you get to your theater of choice. In my case, I watch maybe 3 or 4 movies a year at the theater, and usually go to matinées anyway, so it would not make financial sense for me.

A recent kerfuffle arose when it was announced that MoviePass is dropping support for some AMC chain theaters (the super high-end ones, apparently). Other AMC theaters and other chains like Regal are still supported. 

It's not clear if that is a cost-cutting move on the part of MoviePass (maybe foreshadowing  a subscription increase), or just some kind of corporate squabbling.

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