Blogging Boomers

Blogging is easy. These days, posting a blog entry is no more difficult than writing an email. In addition, you can easily set up your blogging platform for free using one of several services, such as "Blogger" and "Wordpress" (both of which I use). You can access Blogger already if you have a Google account.

A new university course in Australia has opened up the potential of blogging for older people, as a way to share life experience, family history, or just purely as a modern version of knitting. I hope this catches on, as I think it gives us old coots another voice in this fast paced modern world.
With the initial idea behind the course to offer older people a place to share their knowledge, experiences and history with future generations, USC academic and lecturer in Public Relations Dr Karen Sutherland says she was “pleasantly surprised” with the topics her senior students chose to take on in their blogging instead.

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