Weekly Round-Up - Feb 9

Here we go again with another weekly dose of "round-up", where I present some articles of interest from the past few days for your amusement, edification - or even annoyance.

Block all ads on YouTube - says security wonk Graham Cluley

Windows 10S becoming a mode, not a version

What ever happened to Miss Cleo the TV psychic?

Tesla Roadster gets interplanetary ID

How to fix Windows 8 or 10 stuck in a reboot loop

Happy 60th birthday, DARPA

Microsoft adds new, lower cost Surface models

Is it safe to buy used GPU's (video cards) from cryptocurrency miners? - note from OldGoat: some miners also modify (or "flash") the firmware of their GPUs to optimize the performance for mining (also voiding any manufacturer's warranty). Unknown how or if that might adversely affect gaming performance or longevity.

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