Computing Back In the Dark Ages (Well, The 1990's)

If you are anywhere near my age, you will likely have at least some memories of seeing or using a Windows or Apple computer for the first time. I can specifically recall being particularly impressed by an early black & white Mac - which seemed light years ahead of it's contemporary PC brethren.

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft
For those of you who never enjoyed (or suffered through) the early days back in the 1990's,  here are a couple of sites that provide emulations of both Windows 95 (the first Windows with a "Start" button) and an early Apple Mac. 

These little nostalgia nuggets run in your browser, nothing to install or set up. Truthfully, there is not really much to actually do, since these early operating systems were pretty sparse - but this was what it was like in the beginning.

Windows 95 - (which was actually a huge hit at the time) :
Note that the Windows 95 emulation is a bit "crash-y", but it will give you the idea.

If for some reason you can't get the above to work, here is a look at the "new" Windows 95 from 1995 - 

And here is Mac OS System 1.1 from TEN YEARS earlier -

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