Ready Player One - We Are Indeed Almost Ready

Ready Player One is a science fiction adventure novel that will soon also be seen in movie theaters. It's set about 25 years in the future, partly in Columbus, Ohio - but mostly in the Oasis, a virtual world "game". 

The basic scenario is that our world has degenerated into a pretty crappy place to live by 2044, but the Oasis is everything you can imagine, and more.

One of the features of this virtual world is that fact that the "players" can not only see the computer generated world in fully immersive virtual reality (VR), but also feel it in a convincing way by using haptic  suits and other devices. 

I don't know how well this will come across in the movie, but we have already made a start on the tools to let us enjoy such a virtual experience, as is very pointedly shown in the short video below. 

The delight of the presenter is palpable, and it looks like such an experience could be quite something. Are you ready?

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