When Does Support End For Windows 7 ?

Now that Windows 10 is the "flagship" product,  when will Microsoft support end for Windows 7? 

Actually, it already did! Back at the beginning of 2015, Microsoft dropped "mainstream support" for Windows 7, meaning they stopped providing free telephone support and non-security patches for the operating system.

"Extended support" will end in January 2020 - not *that* far away. That means no more security updates; at that point Windows 7 effectively becomes Windows XP - an orphaned operating system, becoming less viable with each passing month.

What to do?

I suspect most people will just bite the bullet and eventually buy a new PC or laptop with Windows 10, or maybe switch to Apple. Those of us with newer hardware (say less than 5 years old) might still upgrade to Windows 10, but presently there is a cost to that ($100 or more for a license). 

It's *possible* that Microsoft might offer free Windows 10 upgrades again around the time when Windows 7 "dies", but don't hold your breath. That ship may have sailed.

You can probably squeeze a bit more life out of Windows 7 by using a web browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Many of the ongoing Windows security issues and fixes involve Internet Explorer 11. Windows 10 has the "Edge" browser, which is not available in Windows 7.

Using a 3rd part web browser that will continue to receive security updates from its maker may help keep things "locked down" a little longer than being stuck with Internet Explorer  11.

If you still have Windows 8.1, mainstream support ended at the start of 2018, and extended support will end early 2023.

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