Whisky Plus Water - It's Science!

I was just reading an article on Consumer Reports about drinking whisky with water - and was a little surprised that they suggested at first that most whisky lovers drink it neat. I don't know about American style Bourbon whiskey,  but I do know that the preferred way to drink Scottish whisky among those who love the product is with a bit of plain water to taste.

Anyway, the point of the article was to indicate that science has caught up with the aficionados, and suggests the "best" way to drink scotch is with water. 

They found that ethanol molecules and guaiacol molecules tend to stick together, and are both “hydrophobic” — which means that don’t mix uniformly with water.
The researchers’ simulations aimed to determine at what ethanol levels had the most impact on guaiacol, or rather, the taste and smell of whiskey.

Now of course you can and should drink it however you like,  the only point was to suggest that the whisky/water combination is better to enjoy the aromas and flavors present in a good Scottish whisky.

Slàinte mhòr !


Smartphone Deal For Old Goats From T-Mobile

T-Mobile is launching a smartphone deal for older users (over 55's - essentially Baby Boomers) that saves over their "regular" plan for the rest of their users. They reason that older users tend to be a bit more mindful of the monthly costs incurred (with retirement and a fixed income possibly looming), and will probably not use as much data as younger users anyway.
The T-Mobile plan allows for unlimited voice calls, texting and data use, albeit with some restrictions.
They'll be able to pay $50 for one line or $60 for two lines. That compares with $70 for one line and between $100 and $120 for two lines for customer under 55.
This Old Goat currently pays $30/month to Boost Mobile for unlimited calls and texts and 2.5GB of data (of which I rarely use more than around 800MB).




Grandpa Tech

My wife and I have been blessed with a grandson. I mentioned this briefly a week or so ago, and I am still rather bemused by the concept. I think it will become "more real" to me when I get to see the little guy at his home, out side of the hospital setting. Not to worry, I will not turn this blog into a shrine to our latest love - that's what Facebook is for...

Since we live a couple of hours away and since our daughter and son-in-law are still settling in themselves to the concept of their first child, it takes a little bit of planning to visit appropriately without coming across as big buttinski's.

The wonderful thing is that technology allows us to quickly view almost unlimited photos and videos of the wee fella, and we have gotten to see the first outside stroller action, several photos and videos with his eyes open, and a bout of hiccups. 

Every view is a treasure of course, and "she-who-must-be-obeyed" (Mrs. Oldgoat) is trying hard to wear out those video files. It at least keeps us satieted until we can visit again.


SANS Ouch! August 2017 - Backups & Recovery

The SANS Institute provides a monthly "Ouch!" newsletter covering security-related topics in a user-friendly manner.

The March 2017 edition covers the topic of - Backups & Recovery

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