Still Drone-ing On

I finally succumbed and purchased an inexpensive camera drone, and am posting this "first flight test" as a way to show potential quadcopter purchasers what to expect. Quadcopters are probably the most popular form factor for the current crop of consumer drones.

The one I purchased is an L6056, it's inexpensive (less than $50 on Amazon) and small enough not to require FCC registration. It comes "ready to fly", meaning you get everything you need except the four AA batteries for the transmitter (the remote control pad). It even comes with a 4GB memory card for the camera.


Clickety-Click And RSS

Every once in a while - less often than you might think, to be honest - I get a burr under my saddle about Random Stupid Sh*t, or RSS, as I think of it. My current bout of dismay over RSS is they way so many YouTube and social media posts are titled.

Facebook Computer Vision Tags

Facebook users upload a lot of photos to the site, and Facebook has a novel way to help visually impared users still get some impact from these images. Facebook uses an automated computer process to provide "tags" (short descriptions) that can be read aloud by some screen-reading software.
The computer vision (CV) platform built as part of Facebook's applied machine learning efforts makes it possible to leverage all that rich content to create better experiences for everybody on Facebook. The platform provides a visual recognition engine whose role is to "see" inside images and videos to understand what they depict. For example, the engine would know if an image contains a cat, features skiing, was taken at the beach, includes the Eiffel Tower, and so on.

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