Yahoo! Hack Should Prod You Into Changing Other Passwords Too

If the current Yahoo! hack (where hundreds of millions of accounts were exposed by "state-sponsored" hackers) does anything, it probably serves as a good reminder to change your Yahoo! (and other) passwords asap. 

The thing is, many of us re-use passwords among different website. Human nature and computer security are often at loggerheads, and once someone gets access to one account, they can often get clues to allow them to get into others - particularly if you use "kitten123!" as your password for all your email accounts...

In my case, Yahoo! mail was my first email account, and I have it set up as a recovery email address for a couple of other non-Yahoo! accounts. That has changed in the last couple of days, and so have many of my passwords.

Say Bonjour To The Allo App

Google's new Allo app is available now for Android devices. It's a new messaging app, with some features not available in "normal" messaging software. Personally, much of it seems a bit gimmicky, although it does provided a "self destructing" message option, if you feel the need for that sort of thing.

In any case, I Love Free Software has a nice overview of using Allo here, and it's worth a look if you are at all interested in getting started with the new app.

...and is it my imagination, or does that sound a lot like Will "Fresh Prince" Smith in the short video below?

Faux Skylight Is A Bright Idea

Skylights are a nice feature in a home - and while we humans seem to respond well to natural light, it's nice to be able to get that minus the bugs and some of the other disadvantage of actually being outside for extended periods.

Short of tearing a hole in the roof and installing an actual skylight, there is also an intriguing option from Italian company CoeLux in the form of an artificial skylight that looks and acts for all the world like the real thing. How? Well, they are not saying (and one gets the impression it's not cheap) but it looks great.


Horses Making Choices Using Symbols

Mr Ed was a TV show featuring a talking horse (a scheming talking horse, to boot) and his hapless owner, Wilbur. My late Mum first saw Mr Ed on a visit here from Scotland, and she was smitten from the get go.

If you spend time around animals like dogs, cats and horses, you tend to begin to realize they are smarter that you may have originally supposed. We also see evidence of this from scientists (those who take the time to bother). The latest case in point is a study that suggests that horses can comprehend symbols.
Scientists taught 23 riding horses of various breeds to look at a display board with three icons, representing wearing or not wearing a blanket. Horses could choose between a "no change" symbol or symbols for "blanket on" or "blanket off."