BBB Puts The Hammer Down On Wells Fargo

Remember the recent Well Fargo fiasco, where a lot of shady stuff was going on with customer accounts, leading to thousands of scapegoats employees getting the heave-ho? Yeah, so does the Better Business Bureau...
CNBC reports that Wells Fargo is no longer accredited by the organization — which is made up of 112 independently incorporated local organizations coordinated under the Council of Better Business Bureaus.
Each of Wells Fargo’s pages on the individual BBB websites now include the disclaimer “THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED.”



A Unique Honda Gets A New Lease On Life

The very first Honda car sold in the US has been revived to it's former glory. I always marvel at folks who have the time, skill and patience to do things like this.
Serial One is Honda's nickname for this N600. It arrived in the US in 1969, sporting a 0.6-liter, two-cylinder engine that revved to a still-astounding 9,000 revolutions per minute. Honda originally brought a small handful to the US in order to gauge customer demand. Being an economy car, its original owner probably didn't realize it would become a small chunk of automotive history, and left it to languish over nearly half a century.


Just For Fun

Police Depts Have 117 Million Faces On File

Unregulated facial recognition database are a cause for concern, says a coalition of civil liberties groups, including the ACLU.
"Face recognition technology has enormous civil liberties implications and its use must be closely examined to ensure that it is not violating Americans' civil rights," the ACLU's letter said. "The safeguards to ensure this technology is being used fairly and responsibly appear to be virtually nonexistent." 
Business Insider


Stop Hunting Whales - Because Whale Poop

Never mind that whales are majestic creatures that migrate, sing to each other and feed on plankton rather than people. No, let's quit hunting them because of their poop.
Research is revealing that whale dung brings nutrients to the surface waters, which generates food for more fish by stimulating the growth of phytoplankton, the tiny organisms that are eaten by krill. These then become prey for fish. Phytoplankton also suck carbon dioxide out of the air, helping to limit global warming.
Ah, we had to get global warming in their somewhere, but that's okay. it seems that one of the rationalizations for whale hunting is that whales keep fish populations down - but the above indicates the opposite to be true.

Whale, whale, whale - what have we here?